Lan Handling Technologies rolls out simulation tool

Lan Handling Technologies makes a simulation tool available for wet pet food producers.

Lan Handling Technologies kicks off 2021 by making a simulation tool available for wet pet food producers. 

Thijs van Gerven, Sales Manager: “Over the past year, we spoke with many companies that, partly under the influence of Covid-19, were considering the switch to automation. We noticed a common thread in the questions asked; how combine batch retort loading with a continuous product flow? How to create flexibility in a production line, for example if a retort suddenly needs maintenance? And what is the maximum capacity of a certain lay-out? That is why we decided to develop an easy-to-use simulation tool to increase the understanding of automated retort handling”. 

The new simulation tool of Lan Handling Technologies, which can be found on the website, offers the following benefits:

  • Go through common scenarios (such as filling machines out of sync, retort failure, capacity increases) by clicking on the built-in HMI and see what happens
  • Identify potential bottlenecks in your production line
  • See which lay-out suits best for an optimum product flow
  • Find out how to deploy your staff safely and efficiently

After choosing the product type (pouch/tub or can/jar) it is possible to start the simulation tool. By entering some product details, additional advice is given in terms of achieving 100% tray-filling, a future proof production line dealing with product size variety and the importance of drying products before packaging.

Next steps
These simulations were made in collaboration with Unit040, on the PREspective platform, and are Lan’s first step in the world of digitization. “You can imagine that from here we investigate the step of also testing prototypes of lines in this way and afterwards using it as a training tool for the local staff ”, says Thijs. 



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