Wild Earth launches new mini-documentary

Wild Earth launches new mini-documentary, The 30-Day Dog Food Challenge.

Wild Earth, the leading plant-based, superfood brand, announces the launch of its new mini-documentary, The 30-Day Dog Food Challenge, to inspire pet parents across the country to create a healthier lifestyle for their dogs by changing what they feed them. The Wild Earth mini-documentary follows the true transformation of four lifestyle influencers that have transitioned their dogs to Wild Earth’s revolutionary plant-based food and the life changing benefits they’ve seen in just 30 days. 

Available starting January 19, the new mini-documentary was developed to spotlight the extraordinary changes and positive effects that dogs can experience with Wild Earth’s plant-based food, as each influencer tracked their dogs’ progress at home, in addition to regular visits to the vet. Within 30 days of eating Wild Earth’s food, the five dogs experienced life changing results including increased energy levels, improved skin conditions, better mobility, overall enhanced digestive health, and much more.

“Low quality food is often the number one factor in a dog’s poor health, just as if a human were to only eat fast food,” said Dr. Ernie Ward, Co-founder and Chief Veterinary Officer of Wild Earth. “Within just 30 days of eating Wild Earth food, we’re thrilled to see the lifelong transformations and the new revitalized lifestyles that these five dogs can now enjoy. We’re confident that the new mini-documentary and The Wild Earth 30-Day Dog Food Challenge will inspire pet parents across the country to consider the life-altering benefits of a plant-based diet for dogs, and also shed light on the stigma that dogs need a meat-based diet to thrive.”

“Since starting The Wild Earth 30-Day Dog Food Challenge, our dogs have experienced drastic results, specifically with their skin allergies and digestive issues which have both completely dissipated,” said Dianne Scott of @ataleof2pitties. “For years, our pit bull Pugsley was covered with rashes and scabs and had uncontrollable itching, which are now all gone. We’ve also seen amazing progress with our second pit bull, Wednesday, whose suffered with digestive issues her entire life. In the past 30 days, Wednesday hasn’t had any issues with vomiting or diarrhea, which she usually would experience at least twice a week.”

“The biggest changes I’ve seen in my German Shepard, Athena, since transitioning her to Wild Earth for The 30-Day Dog Food Challenge, is the drastic improvement in digestion and a new found energy that never existed before,” said Kristie Barker of @kristiebarkerofficial. “When I was feeding Athena generic dog food, she was so lethargic and constantly had messy poops, which I knew wasn’t normal or healthy. When I changed her diet to Wild Earth, it was the first time in so long that I’ve seen her have a solid bowel movement. She’s also had so much more energy, and we’ve been able to turn her dreadful half mile walks into active and regular three miles walks which have been amazing for her health.”

Inspired by the documentary, Wild Earth is calling all dog parents nationwide to kick off the New Year with a healthy resolution for their pet’s diet. Starting on January 1, 2021, The Wild Earth 30-Day Dog Food Challenge will encourage consumers to transition their dogs of all ages to Wild Earth’s plant-based food for 30 days and to track the positive benefits they see.

The contest will offer simple weekly goals and challenges to create habits for a healthier overall lifestyle. To enter the challenge, dog owners can track their dog’s progress on Instagram, participate in daily challenges, and share transformation photos using #WE30DayChallenge to be entered to win weekly prizes from Wild Earth. 

Wild Earth is offering a “Starter Kit” package for pet parents that are ready to take on The Wild Earth 30-Day Dog Food Challenge and ensure a healthier, longer life for their pets. For more information, and to purchase the “Starter Kit” package, please visit www.wildearth.com/pages/30daychallenge

The 30-Day Dog Food Challenge mini-documentary is now available on YouTube, Facebook, and on www.wildearth.com

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