Evergreen awards pet care products winner: Nestlé Purina LiveClear

Evergreen awards pet care products winner: Nestlé Purina LiveClear.

Purina’s LiveClear cat food proved the clear winner in 2020 pet care product launches while also notching one of the best scores in any category in the third annual Evergreen Awards given by 4Sight, a tech-enabled insights company that mines user-generated content to help fuel brand growth.

The Evergreen Awards honor new product launches across 10 CPG categories that consumers rate as winners via their user-generated content. . Product launches are brief, but the digital footprints they leave, especially for product reviews, last much longer and can continue to influence purchase decisions for years to follow. In other words, reviews are evergreen.  

The Evergreen Awards are based on two metrics: the total number of reviews (minimum 75), a proxy for scope of a launch;  and the average star rating, a proxy for consumer experience.

LiveClear shattered both metrics with 352 reviews and an average of 4.5 on a 5-star scale, higher than any other category player. Runners up were Nestlé Purina’s Friskies Farm Favorites and General Mills’ Blue Buffalo Bursts.

“Purina’s innovative LiveClear cat food is a clear standout new product in the Pet Care Category in 2020, meshing science with functionality,’’ said Mark Jeffreys, founder & CEO of 4Sight.  “This product addresses a real owner in a difficult category; pet products face a high level of scrutiny with owners constantly analyzing details with a careful eye.’’

When 4Sight ran their drivers analysis, a proprietary algorithm that offers insights into the consumer experience, it became clear why LiveClear rose as the category winner.  Consumers often share their raw, unfiltered feedback in reviews after trial, and LiveClear consumers clearly experienced huge benefits. 

An example of a five-star review highlighted by the analysis for its clear and tangible benefits:

“My very picky cat loves this food! I got it free to try and love the results. After the first week I noticed fewer allergic reactions. The results have only gotten better the longer we use it. I grew up with my cats, but my husband and all 3 kids are allergic to differing degrees. I thought I wouldn’t be able to have cats anymore, but thankfully I can with this food. I definitely recommend and will continue to buy.’’

Awards are given in a total of 10 categories, including skin care, baby care, food, small appliances, and over-the-counter medicines. Download the full pet care report here.



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