Is your state pet friendly?

Joy Organics reveals the best and worst states for owning a pet.

The study, conducted in the United States in November 2020, analyzed internal data and lifestyle factors, such as pet expenses and spend, the amount of pet shelters or adoption centers, social media usage about pets, and more to determine which states are best for pets to call home. Joy Organics also created this interactive tool, which allows users to input their state and see how it ranks against others as the best state for pets. 

Key findings from the study: 

  • ●  The top 10 best US states for pets are Texas, Florida, South Carolina, Vermont, California, Kentucky, Washington, Virginia, Maine, and Tennessee—averaging the most spend on pets, where the most pet owners are, the most social media activity about pets, the most pet shelters per 100,000 residents, and the most pet-friendly eateries per 100,00 residents. 
  • ●  Georgia, Kentucky, and New York spend the most on their pets, yet on the other end, Idaho, Iowa, and South Dakota spend the least. 
  • ●  Wyoming, West Virginia, Idaho, and Vermont own the most pets—with at least two-thirds of the population owning a pet. 
  • ●  According to Twitter data and analysing the most pet social media account hashtags, California, Florida, and Texas show the most love for their pets most on social media. Rhode Island, Wyoming, North Dakota, and Vermont show the least #DogsOfSocial Media love, having the fewest pet social media pages. 
  • ●  Wyoming, Vermont, Tennessee, and New Jersey have the most pet shelters per 100,000 residents, while Hawaii, Pennsylvania, and New York have the fewest. 
  • ●  For enjoying some puppy chow with your friends, California, Oregon, and South Caroline have the most pet-friendly eateries and hotels per 100,000 residents, while West Virginia, Iowa, and Alaska have the fewest. 
  • ●  The top 10 worst states for owning a pet are Alaska, South Dakota, Iowa, Hawaii, Nebraska, North Dakota, Alabama, Utah, Montana, and Oklahoma. 

According to the American Pet Products Association, 2020 was been a banner year for pets and the pet industry, with overall annual spend within the industry surging to a record-breaking $100 billion this year. Continued stay-at-home orders due to the pandemic also contributed to a record-breaking year for pet and puppy adoptions or purchases in 2020, which is expected to rise in 2021. 

According to pet-friendly travel service, PetJets, 53% of travellers take holidays with their pets. Given domestic travel and traveling in pods with your pets and families is already on this rise in 2021, we also created a list of the top pet-friendly restaurants and hotels in California, Oregon, and South Carolina—as they have the most pet-friendly hotels & eateries per 100,000 residents. 


  • ●  The Inn at Laguna Beach, which welcomes up to two pets per room (for a non-refundable deposit of $100) and offers a daily wine happy hour that’s free for all guests. 
  • ●  The ‘Paw’séa- Package at the Paséa Hotel in Huntington Beach, which includes pet sitting, express doggie spa treatments, and a welcome home keepsake gift of food and water bowls, dog toys, and a leash. It’s also located less than two miles from the famed Huntington Dog Beach where dogs can run leash-free through the waves of Surf City. 
  • ●  Carmel Valley Ranch in Monterey County (changes a fee of $150 per pet), for pampered pooches, this resort boasts 500 acres of land to sniff, play, and socialize. Pets are welcomed here their own dog bed and even a pet menu (including beef bone marrow, a pooch patty, or a salmon bowl). 

Oregon (Bend, Oregon hosts an annual Pet Parade on Fourth of July, inviting all kinds of pets—dogs, cats, rabbits, lizards, and even stuffed animals—to parade through downtown)

  • ●  Bennington Properties in Sunriver ($65 per dog for the first night; $10 for subsequent nights), which features dozens of dog-friendly stays for an outdoorsy adventure in Sunriver. More than 60% of properties are dog-friendly, and they also offer an off-leash play area and on-site dog wash at the management offices for your dog to exercise or clean up after a day of frolicking in the wilderness. 
  • ●  McKay Cottage Restaurant, voted Bend’s best brunch restaurant every year since 2010, boasts a beautiful, grassy outdoor patio that’s full of flowers and makes a perfect place to park your pooch while you enjoy mimosas, gourmet omelettes, and more. 
  • ●  The Oxford Hotel in Bend offers a $59 Pet Package that includes a personal pet bed, a travel dog bowl, organic dog treats, a map of dog walking trails and parks, and loaner leashes and collars. 

South Carolina: 

  • ●  The Barrel Charleston is a dog-friendly craft beer bar with a welcoming "backyard" for your best friend to run around, play fetch, or relax in a shady spot. The entire facility is gated, and includes a smaller fenced area for shy pups. 
  • ●  The Sneaky Beagle in Myrtle Beach serves craft beer and cider, fresh sushi, and a menu for Fido featuring ranging between $1 or $2, including bites such as ‘pupcakes,’ made with peanut butter, pumpkin, and coconut oil. 
  • ●  Moe Moon’s is a laidback, boardwalk bar & restaurant in Myrtle Beach that welcomes your pup to join you at the table, and serves up ice cold water + a doggie biscuit every time your pup dines with them. 

Visit here to use Joy Organics’ interactive tool. You can select which state you live in and see how it ranks for pets against others, as well as use the interactive tables to compare what states spend on pets, which state has the most pet-friendly restaurants, how often they post about their pets on social media, and more. 


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