Just Right earns Good Housekeeping Seal

Just Right Pet Food earns Good Housekeeping Seal.

Just Right Pet Food, a personalized dog food company that provides tailor-made, complete and balanced dry-food blends, has earned the prestigious Good Housekeeping Seal verifying its quality and nutritional excellence. 

Just Right Pet Food offers a completely new approach to dog food with a website that allows pet owners to create a blend customized to meet their dogs' specific tastes and nutritional needs. Utilizing information only pet owners know about their dogs, Just Right's nutritional expert crafts a personalized and balanced blend that is only available as a subscription online at JustRightPetFood.com.

The Good Housekeeping Institute tests thousands of products each year across several categories including home goods, electronics, beauty, food and consumer goods. Just Right Pet Food was evaluated by scientists and nutritional experts in the GH Institute labs to ensure the food measured up to the brand's nutritional claims. 

"We are impressed by the level of customization possible with Just Right's kibble based on your dog's breed, age, size, weight, activity level, nutrition needs and taste preferences," said Birnur Aral, PhD, who oversees the Health, Beauty and Environmental Sciences Lab. 

The Good Housekeeping pet products evaluations include assessments to determine quality, taste and the analysis of the nutritional profiles. Products that receive the Good Housekeeping Seal are approved by in-house experts and offer a high-quality product to the consumer with the assurance of substantial quality control practices. 

"Just Right Pet Food takes the guesswork out of the dog food buying experience," said Sara McCullough, Pet Nutritionist at Just Right. "With the added guarantee of the Good Housekeeping Seal, dog owners can rest easy knowing they are feeding their dogs food that is personalized for long and healthy lives." 

Just Right Pet Food provides personalized nutrition that cannot be sold in stores. Available online, Just Right custom blends come right to your door saving the consumer from added trips to the store. Prices will vary based on the dog's specific needs, size and preferences. 

For more information about Just Right, please visit www.JustRightPetFood.com.  



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