Chicken Soup for the Soul Pet Food makes donation

Chicken Soup for the Soul Pet Food makes donation.

Chicken Soup for the Soul Pet Food, a leading super premium pet food company, donated 9,827 pounds of dog and cat food to the pet pantry at the Pet Project Midwest in Des Moines, IA. The donation was initiated through a longtime relationship between Chicken Soup for the Soul, local retailer Bone- A-Patreat and Drake University’s Griff Gives Back charitable program. 

“The Covid pandemic has affected so many families in the Des Moines area - including those that are struggling to feed their pets,” says Josh Rodrick, Store Operations Manager at Bone-A-Patreat. “We recognized those struggles and partnered with Griff, Drake University’s mascot, for his annual Griff Gives Back donation drive. The drive provides The Pet Project Midwest with pet food for struggling families. Chicken Soup for the Soul Pet Food heard of our endeavor and donated an astonishing 10,000 pounds of dog food.

This generous donation will help ease the stress of feeding pets for many local families. We cannot thank this company enough for their support. We are proud to have partnered with Chicken Soup for the Soul for the last 14 years! 

“This donation of dog and cat food from Chicken Soup for the Soul will have a tremendous impact on how many pets and families The Pet Project Midwest can serve in the coming months here in the Des Moines community,” says Erin Bell, Director of the Live Mascot Program at Drake University. “The pantry shelves are pretty bare right now, so the Griff Gives Back pet food drive and this huge donation from Chicken Soup for the Soul couldn’t have come at a better time.

COVID has had a big impact on the pantry and the needs in our community are now greater than ever. We are incredibly fortunate to have this food available to those who need it." “Chicken Soup for the Soul Pet Food’s Fill A Bowl... Feed A Soul program was created to help feed pets in need nationwide,” says Jeanne Blandford, Senior Director of Marketing for Chicken Soup for the Soul Pet Food. “We work closely with our independent pet specialty retailers to identify rescue organizations in their area where our food can have a real impact. When Josh Rodrick from Bone-A-Patreat contacted us about the Griff Gives Back program at Drake University we were excited to help.

Our hope is that by providing our premium pet food to families in need we are helping these families stay together during this time when communities across the nation are being hit hard by the financial effects of COVID-19. No family should have to give up their pet because they can’t afford its food.” The FABAS program has donated over 3 million meals to pets in need nationwide since its inception. 


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