IQI introduces new Rotex screener for lamb meal

IQI introduces new Rotex screener for lamb meal. 

IQI Trusted Petfood Ingredients has recently commissioned a new Rotex screener for lamb meal at its distribution and warehousing facility in Coevorden (Europe). By investing in this equipment, IQI has further improved the high quality of its lamb meal and increased the efficiency of its logistical services. The new Rotex machine can be seen in action in a unique new video filmed at location in IQI’s European warehouse. This facility can normally only be visited by clients and partners with an appointment. Since the Covid crisis has made this impossible, IQI has decided to open up its European warehouse and show its work processes online.

Screening and cleaning of lamb meal

IQI’s distribution and warehousing facilities in Coevorden (Europe) and Tracy (North America) both offer warehousing solutions for year-round availability of seasonal products, and also perform any required quality checks, foreign body removal, screenings, additional natural or synthetic antioxidant dosing and repackaging from bulk to big bags or small bags. The bulk departments at IQI’s distribution and warehousing facilities specialize in the screening and cleaning of lamb meal, which is a seasonal product sourced from Australia and New Zealand. The unique new video focusses on the steps for processing lamb meal.

Efficiency improvement with new Rotex screener

The screening and cleaning process is designed to remove foreign bodies from the lamb meal, such as metal particles, plastic particles, bone fragments and wool/hair using a variety of techniques – including a clean flow magnet, bullet magnet, Safeline metal detector and the new Rotex screener. The Rotex screener, recently commissioned at IQI’s European warehouse, not only improves the sifting and cleaning process of the lamb meal, it also substantially reduces the processing time. The Rotex screener has a much larger screening surface and its Gyratory Reciprocating Motion quickly and efficiently removes foreign bodies, such as plastic particles, bone, wool, and hair, from the lamb meal. A larger version of the same screener was already in use at IQI’s other facility in Tracy (North America). IQI’s facilities in Europe and North America both maintain strategic supplies of clean, high-quality lamb meal that can be used directly for pet food applications.

Essential services in challenging times

Mark Oostendorp, CEO of IQI Trusted Petfood Ingredients: “At IQI, we are committed to delivering high-quality pet food ingredients that have been cleaned of foreign bodies and contribute to the health and well-being of cats and dogs. The new Rotex machine is an important step in our continuous investment in IQI’s global distribution and warehousing facilities. The current global situation with all of its logistical challenges shows just how essential these facilities are for providing pet food manufacturers with the ingredients they need, when they need them.”



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