Petaluma launches plant-based diet for dogs

Petaluma introduces plant-based diet for dogs.

Petaluma, Inc., a pet care startup focused on sustainability, launched the world’s first baked and plant-based formula for adult dogs of all breeds. The company’s mission is to offer environmentally responsible diets that meet 100% of a dog’s nutritional requirements and challenge the pet food industry’s dependence on factory-farmed animal protein. 


Dogs account for 20% of all U.S. meat consumption, which is equivalent to the 69 million people in California and Texas combined. Replacing animal products for plant-based alternatives in dog food reduces an individual dog’s diet-related greenhouse emissions by 75%, freshwater use by 50%, and land use impact by 90%. While cats retained their wild ancestors’ carnivorous diets, dogs co-evolved with humans and adapted to make use of the nutrients found in plant-based food scraps of omnivorous human diets. 


“As a result of a half-century of creative marketing, there is a common misconception that dogs are carnivorous like wolves and require a diet of animal protein to survive. Fortunately, just like humans, dogs evolved to be omnivorous and have the genetic record to prove it,” said Garrett Wymore, co-founder of Petaluma, “As animal lovers, we are excited to create evidence-based diets that allow us to care for the planet and traditional agricultural animals as well as we care for our pups.”


The first formula, Roasted Peanut Butter & Sweet Potato Flavor, is designed for adult dogs of all breeds and contains over 50% organic ingredients and a mix of plant-based protein sources, including organic chickpeas, peanuts, brown rice, and yeast. Each cup of Petaluma has over 33 grams of protein - more than a serving of steak or 4 glasses of milk. Dogs love the savory peanut butter taste, with two out of three dogs preferring Petaluma over their typical meat-based food. 


“We carefully formulated Petaluma to provide all of the essential nutrients without the need for animal ingredients,” said Dr. Blake Hawley, lead formulator for Petaluma. “As a veterinary nutritionist, the most important factor in evaluating any dog food is to ensure that the formula is well-balanced and complete. Dogs require specific nutrients, not specific ingredients. Petaluma fills an important gap in the market by offering a more sustainable option for pet owners without sacrificing nutritional content.”




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