Derek Hough takes steps to help pets find homes

Derek Hough teams up with Purina to help pets find forever homes.

Purina ONE is teaming up with award winning choreographer, dancer, actor and singer, Derek Hough, to help adoptable pets find their forever homes this summer.

Purina ONE is teaming up with award winning choreographer, dancer, actor and singer, Derek Hough, to help adoptable pets find their forever homes this summer through this year’s 28-Day Challenge.

"I've always been passionate about rescuing pets and I love that Purina ONE has been supporting shelters for years by making donations to help every pet find their forever home." said Derek Hough, spokesperson for Purina ONE. "You can help too by registering for Purina ONE's 28-Day Challenge before August 31 to raise up to $28,000 for the Petfinder Foundation; those funds will help waive adoption fees at shelters and rescue groups, which means more pets going home." 

Purina ONE has supported shelters for 15 years. Since 2015, through the Purina Shelter Champions program, Purina ONE has donated nearly 8 million pounds of dog and cat food, worth more than $11 million, which has helped make a difference in the lives of these shelter pets by providing the nutrition they need through every life stage.  To date, these efforts have supported the placement of over 904,822 cats and dogs in their forever homes.

"I encourage all pet owners to register for the Purina ONE 28-Day Challenge to help make a big difference in the life of adoptable pets," said Hough. 

For every new person who registers to take the 28-Day Challenge from June 18, 2021, to August 31, 2021, Purina ONE will donate $1 to the Petfinder Foundation (up to $28,000) to waive adoption fees at shelters and rescue groups and help more dogs and cats find their forever homes.

In addition to helping adoptable pets find their forever homes, Purina ONE provides the nutrition pets need on the inside so they're visibly healthy on the outside. The pet food brand offers a wide array of dog and cat food options that expertly combines natural, quality ingredients to create nutrition that can lead to visible differences in your pet's health. 

"Providing your pet with the proper nutrition they need to be happy and healthy starts from the inside," said Chief Veterinary Officer at Purina, Dr. Kurt Venator, DVM, Ph.D. "When you feed your pet Purina ONE, like I do, you'll notice a visibly healthy pet in just 28 days; signs of which may include healthy energy, a shiny coat, bright eyes and strong, healthy teeth and gums. Purina ONE will also positively impact pets on the inside by supporting a strong immune system and a strong, healthy heart."

To find out more about how to register for the 28-Day Challenge, Purina ONE's nutritional credibility and finding adoptable pets forever homes, please visit 



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