Protix invests in pet food nutrition with new executive hire

Protix hires Paul van der Raad as Global Commercial Director Petfood.

Protix is the market share leader in insect-based nutrition for healthy and sustainable feed and food. To match our ambition to grow fast internationally we further enforce our global commercial strategy and hired Paul van der Raad as Global Commercial Director Petfood. With his experience and network, we will serve our customers even better in thoroughly understanding their requirements and the needs of pet owners. In combination with a great team, our state-of-the-art factory running at full capacity resulting in a consistent flow of quality product, we are ready to serve the soaring demand for insect ingredients.


Paul is an accomplished commercial expert and has been active in the pet industry since 1997. He worked as CEO and COO and in various senior management positions in sales & marketing with leading petfood companies, among which 20 years at Danish Vital Petfood Group. Paul gained broad experience in both private label and branded products in a fast-changing international environment, both in manufacturing, trading, and retailing. He has a background in both private equity & family run businesses. He is currently CEO at the Danish manufacturer Henne Pet Food. He joins Protix August 1. Paul will be responsible for the commercial strategy, roadmap, and sales in pet nutrition.


The global petfood industry is an important and growing market, where humanization, premiumization and sustainability are key drivers. Pet parents want to contribute to a more sustainable planet for people and pets. This drives high interest from companies worldwide in developing and launching dog & cat food products - complete food and treats, with our planet friendly insect-based ingredients. At Protix, we are proud to be trusted by our customers to supply quality ingredients and we are impressed by their excellent introductions of new planet-friendly petfood. Think of Yora, Mars Lovebug, Josera and many other great introductions that create this exciting new space. Quality and sustainability delivered for maximum ambassadorship; that is our objective, and we will keep investing in living up to that promise. 

"The petfood industry is where our interconnection with nature is clearly visible. We should take care of our planet like we take care of our beloved pets," says Kees Aarts, founder and CEO of Protix. "A dedicated petfood leader aligns with our commitment to be the leading producer and most reliable supplier to customers in the petfood industry”. 

Paul van der Raad: “I am proud to join the global leader in insect production and look forward to support in strengthening Protix’ international top position in the fast-growing market for insect-based ingredients.


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