Mars Petcare India holds pet health camps for companion animals in Hyderabad

Mars Petcare India holds pet health camps.

Pet nutrition brand MARS Petcare initiated a series of health camps in Hyderabad at V Convention Centre, Hitech City, India. These health camps saw a turnout of almost 50 pet parents for health check-ups of their dogs and cats, along with approximately 10 kitten and puppy adoptions.

The event also included sensitization talk on stray companion animals, discussion on animal welfare rules. Two mobile dog clinics with one veterinary doctor, one assistant and all medicines required were present. Health screenings, physical examination, and blood sample collection were undertaken. Free Anti Rabies vaccination and deworming was done.

These programmes are being conducted in partnership with Vets’ Society for Animal Welfare and Rural Development (VSAWRD), established in 2008. VSAWRD is an AWBI recognized, thus considered an Animal Welfare Organization.

Ganesh Ramani, General Manager, MARS Petcare India, said: “Mars Petcare is committed to creating a society where humans can mutually and happily co-exist with dogs and cats. These companion animals bring tremendous value to humans’ mental health and can fulfill the need for companionship in such troubled times. Covid-19 brought out the suffering of stray companion animals and at Mars Petcare we have been relentlessly working towards making their lives better with our stray feeding, adoptions, knowledge partnerships, vet engagement and education for pet parents. This CSR initiative is a step towards ensuring maximum number of pets are wanted, cared for and welcomed in loving homes. We will continue to create opportunities to partner with organizations like VSAWRD to create impact and live our organizational purpose of creating a better world for pets.”

Abiding by their organizational purpose of creating a better world for pets, MARS Petcare has been initiating these activities keeping in mind the condition of stray/community companion animals and to ensure dogs or cats are welcome, cared for and wanted in society. Furthermore, the CSR initiative would help educate pet parents about the nutritional requirements of dogs and cats and how manufactured pet food brings in all critical nutrients for their growth and good health.

Speaking about this initiative, Dr. Muralidhar, Founder of VSAWRD, an eminent veterinarian said, “Providing the communities, pet parents and public with the adequate amount of knowledge on how to tackle companion animals that live in their localities is the key objective of this activity. The activity will be conducted in an engaging and enlightening way so that the audience pay proper attention to the campaign and grasp the shared knowledge effectively. This helps us build an animal-friendly society that thrives and stands as an example to the other communities as well to live in a better society where both people and animals co-exist.”

The main aims of this campaign are:

1. Developing kindness towards animals, hence reducing instances of cruelty and conflict

2. Learning to allow the animals to live with respect

3. Motivating many animal welfare activities like provision of shelter, food, treatment, water for strays, etc.

Many stray companion animals are suffering from starvation, homelessness, and disease. With COVID-19 making the situation worse, there is an urgent need to educate and encourage people to treat them with love and compassion in order to create a more humane society.


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