The Pet Food Institute welcomes introduction of Ocean Shipping Reform Act of 2021

The Pet Food Institute Welcomes Introduction of Ocean Shipping Reform Act of 2021.

The Pet Food Institute (PFI), whose members make the vast majority of dog and cat food and treats in the United States, thanks U.S. Representatives Dusty Johnson (R-SD) and John Garamendi (D-CA) for introducing the Ocean Shipping Reform Act of 2021 (OSRA21). The proposed legislation, introduced on August 10, helps to address shipping challenges many U.S. exporters face as they seek to remain competitive in the global market.

In a February 24 coalition letter to the White House, U.S. Department of Agriculture, U.S. Department of Transportation and Federal Maritime Commission (FMC), PFI joined in noting that some foreign ocean carriers are currently declining to carry American export cargo or imposing significant and unfair fees, which then increases the cost for exporters seeking to reach key markets around the world. OSRA21 seeks to help address the unreasonable detention and demurrage fees being charged by carriers, as well as the recurring rejection of U.S. cargo shipping to significant markets such as Asia. 

 “U.S. pet food makers are among the range of businesses impacted by a global shipping crisis due to unfair and anti-competitive practices among certain foreign ocean carriers,” said Dana Brooks, president and CEO of PFI. “The new bipartisan bill introduced by Representatives Johnson and Garamendi can help to solve some of these long-term problems that are impacting America’s exporters and prohibiting future economic growth.”

In the meantime, PFI urges the federal government to immediately enforce The Shipping Act, which provides the FMC the authority to prohibit unreasonable and unjust practices, and promotes the growth and development of U.S. exports through competitive and efficient ocean transportation. 

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