Gen-Z remains the most confident about feeding their dogs

Just Right survey reveals Gen-Z pet owners more confident when feeding their pets.

Just Right, a personalized dog food brand, commissioned the Nutritional Knowledge for Dogs survey to learn more about the shopping habits of the pet food consumer and their knowledge of the nutritional needs of their dog. What was found is that dog owners are typically uncertain that they are feeding their dog correctly, and that their interest in 'personalization,' varies by age group. 

The survey reached 800 dog owners between June 11-20, 2021 and revealed that amongst the entire group of dog owners, only 2 out of 5 felt confident that they are feeding their dog the right nutrition when they are purchasing dog food. With an abundance of options at the pet food aisle of a grocery store, it's no wonder there is uncertainty. While a bag of dog food might seem correct for your dog based on size and age, there are several other health factors to consider as well. 

"Just Right's personalized approach to dog food gives pet owners the assurance that they are providing their dog with a balanced diet," said Patricia Ochonski, Pet Nutritionist at Just Right. "Dog owners can feel confident that they are feeding their dog correctly when the power is in their hands. The blends for Just Right start with the dog's owner and is balanced by a nutritional expert to provide the ideal combination for their pet's unique nutritional needs."

Among other kind findings from the Nutritional Knowledge for Dogs survey include the most important factors for dog owners when selecting their pet's food.

  • 66% of surveyed dog owners say quality of ingredients is extremely important when selecting dog food.
  • 90% of surveyed dog owners say their dog's preference is the most important factor when buying food.
  • Millennials (25-34) are most drawn to a convenience factor and are more likely to order their dog food online than any other age group.

Other findings in the survey shed light on the younger generation's interest and understanding of personalized nutrition.

  • Overall, younger generations (18-24y.o.) are 3x more likely to care about personalization than older generations (35-54).
  • 54% of Gen Z (18-24y.o.) say that personalized dog food means quality ingredients, whereas Millennials (25-34y.o.) say it means "better for my dog."

Digitally savvy Gen-Z and Millennial dog owners are no strangers to a personalized approach to wellness. From vitamin regimens to skincare routines, customization is a growing trend in the direct-to-consumer space that has carried over into the way we feed our pets. In fact, Just Right has served over a million meals to dogs across the country in less than a year.

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