Mars Pet Nutrition Europe achieves sustainability target

Mars announces that 100% of its fish is sustainably sourced.

Mars Pet Nutrition, a division of Mars Petcare, announces that it has achieved its target to sustainably source 100% of the fish used in its pet products in Europe, aligned to Mars' sourcing guidelines. Brands that feature fish as part of their ingredients in Europe are SHEBA, WHISKAS, PEDIGREE, CESAR, PERFECT FIT, DREAMIES, CRAVE, JAMES WELLBELOVED, CHAPPIE and KITEKAT.

Deri Watkins, regional president at Mars Pet Nutrition Europe, said: "At Mars Petcare, everything we do is focused on our Purpose: A Better World for Pets–and a better world is a more sustainable world, for pets, people and the planet. Mars Pet Nutrition uses fish in its portfolio of pet food products as it enables pets to enjoy nutritionally balanced, healthy, and high-quality pet food. While our business accounts for a small share of the global seafood market, we continue to play our part in supporting a healthy future for ocean ecosystems and the seafood sector helping all to grow and thrive in a responsible way."

Helen Warren-Piper, chief growth officer at Mars Pet Nutrition Europe, said: "At Mars Petcare, our brands are uniquely positioned to create mutual value for the pet parents we serve, the pets we love and the planet we all share. Now that 100% of the fish we use in our pet food products in Europe is sustainably sourced aligned to our guidelines, pet parents can feel more confident about the sustainability of the choices they make for their pets. In our dedication to protect our oceans and the future of fish, our SHEBA brand at the same time works to deliver the world's largest coral reef restoration program and plans to restore coral reefs, measuring more than 185,000 square meters–roughly the size of 148 Olympic swimming pools–at key sites around the world by 2029."

Mars Petcare expects its fish suppliers to follow the Mars Supplier Code of Conduct, which articulates Mars' social, environmental and ethical expectations of its suppliers, contains globally aligned standards and is rooted in international law. The company accepts as 'sustainably sourced fish' supply that is certified or endorsed by credible third parties and aims to source from fisheries that are managed to maintain the diversity of the fish ecosystem.

Carried out with technical support from World Wildlife Fund (WWF), Mars' fish sustainable sourcing program includes ensuring that the company does not source any endangered fish species, according to the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Red List of Threatened Species. The company continuously works with certifying organizations and industry experts around the world, to review, innovate and scale its approach to more sustainable fish sourcing.

Sustainable fish sourcing is part of Mars' mission to help create a healthy planet where all can thrive–a belief that's at the heart of its $1 billion Sustainable in a Generation Plan.

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