Hiperbaric hosts Innovation Week

Hiperbaric to hold virtual conference June 21-23

Hiperbaric, the global leader in High Pressure Processing (HPP) technology, will hold its 2nd annual virtual HPP Innovation Week, June 21-23. Winners of Hiperbaric’s inaugural HPP Research Awards will also be announced.

The online conference will bring together manufacturers, retailers, food service and packaging companies, regulatory, academic leaders and others in the HPP industry to discuss the latest trends and innovations. The event will provide a forum for education, networking and collaboration while demonstrating how HPP positively impacts the food and beverage industry, including innovating the plant-based category, myths vs. facts regarding raw pet food and HPP’s effect on proteins and macroingredients.

The three-day HPP Innovation Week program will focus on three topics over three days, including Day 1: Human & Pet Nutrition; Day 2: Food Safety & Shelf-life Extension; and Day 3: Sustainability & Product Development. Topics include:

  • Using HPP for 100% Natural Beverages with the Highest Nutritional Quality
  • Latest Innovations: HPP Applied to Natural Supplements and Products with Functional Properties
  • Natural HPP Beverages: Source of Nutrients, Vitamins and Antioxidants
  • Innovating the plant-based category using HPP
  • HPP Effect on Proteins and Other Macronutrients
  • Facts and Myths of Using HPP for Fresh and Raw Pet Food

It will include 25 sessions on HPP benefits, packaging, emerging applications, sustainability and HPP global market trends. More than 50 speakers including leading manufacturer Good Foods, organic juice manufacturer Nourish Cold-Pressed Juice and startup Simplicity Beverage will share the latest HPP innovations.

International manufacturers, academicians and tollers also will share their perspectives, including Canadian plant-based dairy alternative company Plant Veda, Canadian beverage company Loop Mission, French juice company Juste Pressé and Mountain West toller Intermountain HPP. The extensive program includes case studies, individual presentations, moderated panels, exclusive interviews and live Q&As with technology experts. The Cold Pressure Council, U.S. Army and Upcycled Food Association will also participate in the event.

Hiperbaric representatives will share technical and practical aspects of HPP, as well as discuss its free HPP testing and consulting for packaging, product development and validation studies. 

Andrés Hernando, Hiperbaric CEO, said, “HPP Innovation Week raises awareness of HPP and how it helps manufacturers, brands and consumers with safer, fresher, healthier food.”

Roberto Peregrina, Hiperbaric USA director, added, “HPP Innovation Week will bring together leading experts nationwide and internationally to discuss the latest advances in HPP.”

Registration for HPP Innovation Week is free, and all content and videos will be available to each registrant on demand following the conference. Registration is available at https://www.hiperbaric.com/hpp-innovation-week/.






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