Get Joy Health offers virtual dog health access

Get Joy is offering virtual telehealth access for dog owners.

DTC dog wellness brand Get Joy announces Get Joy Health, bringing real time, on-demand information from licensed veterinarian professionals to pet parents everywhere. With dog ownership at an all-time high, coupled with the growing dynamic of pet humanization, people are becoming as conscious of their dog’s wellness as they are of their own. Get Joy Health helps bridge the need for near real-time wellness information for the over seventy million dog households in the United States. 

“We see this as a big opportunity to expand beyond nutrition–which is at the core of our DNA–and into other products and services that will bring tremendous value, a more personalized relationship and better meet the needs of our customers,” said Get Joy Founder and CEO, Tom Arrix. “The human wellness market is booming, and it’s incredibly exciting for us to see trends making their way into the minds of pet parents. We believe that dogs deserve the same time and effort that humans are putting into their own wellness pursuits, and Get Joy Health is an important step for us to create a more personalized, 360-degree wellness experience for our beloved pets.”

Get Joy Health is available free of charge to all active Get Joy subscribers. Customers can log into their portal, select live chat or schedule a video session, get their questions answered with convenient, empathetic and actionable advice so they can get back to living their best life with their canine counterpart. Get Joy Health can help with the gamut of health-related questions, from skin and coat health, to behavior and training, to wellness and preventative care, sensitive stomachs and more. In the future, Get Joy Health will be available as an annual subscription for anyone who wants access to the service. 

“Get Joy Health represents the merging of the fresh food industry and the veterinary world,” said Dr. Kendra Pope, a board-certified veterinary oncologist. “I’m excited to see a company like Get Joy tying these two areas together in a way that will help pet parents feel more secure, confident and informed in their wellness approach and get the answers they need, anytime and anywhere.”

Wellness Beyond the Bowl

As a leading e-commerce company for fresh food, Get Joy’s new televet services support the company’s vision of becoming the first wellness brand to permeate every facet of a dog’s life. Get Joy’s singular mission is to create a proactive and comprehensive wellness approach for our four-legged friends. 

“While nutrition is a key pillar of a dog’s overall health, we know that it’s just one piece of the puzzle and is not the only thing that contributes to total wellness across the whole household,” said Arrix. “In order to pursue a new frontier of wellness for your family and dog, our focus must include personalized, foundational elements of a dog’s total wellness beyond food to make an impact.”

Get Joy offers a line of vet formulated, complete & balanced, nutritious products that support a dog’s overall gut health, including fresh meals, fresh freeze-dried raw meals, USDA organ treats and more. In the future, Get Joy plans to expand into other booming wellness categories and products that will only accelerate pet wellness and ultimately drive healthier, happier pets. 

Most recently, Get Joy launched a metaverse community designed to tell stories, facilitate interactions between dog owners and create fun brand engagement opportunities, online and off. Get Joy Health is the next in a long line of efforts planned to achieve this mission of improving wellness for all dogs. 

To connect with a vet, users can log into their portal at and find the “Connect with a Vet” panel.



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