NutriLeads and Royal DSM join forces

NutriLeads and Royal DSM bringing products to US supplemental market.

NutriLeads BV announces that it has signed a commercial agreement with Royal DSM to bring premix and market-ready solutions to the U.S. supplement market. These products will feature BeniCaros, NutriLeads’ natural, award-winning functional ingredient for immune health.

The partnership will enable accelerated innovation and product development of premixes and other custom solutions that support immunity via gut modulation, the top consumer health priorities, according to FMCG Gurus’ Prebiotic Global Report, 2022. The agreement brings together BeniCaros, a unique ingredient clinically proven to accelerate immune responses, and the unmatched product development expertise and broad-market access of Royal DSM, a global purpose-led science-based company.

“We are pleased to partner with DSM to accelerate the availability of BeniCaros to U.S. consumers through innovative new premix and market-ready solutions,” said Joana Carneiro, PhD, NutriLeads chief executive officer. “DSM’s deep expertise in every stage of product development will help BeniCaros more quickly achieve its tremendous potential.”

BeniCaros is a bioactive polysaccharide (fiber) derived from upcycled carrot pomace. It trains the immune system to be fit year-round through a unique dual action that both prepares innate immune cells and stimulates beneficial gut microorganisms that accelerates immune responses. Peer-reviewed clinical research demonstrates that BeniCaros accelerated protective immune responses and significantly reduced the severity and duration of symptoms after a controlled challenge with a common cold virus. BeniCaros’ small daily serving size of just 300 mgs makes it well-suited for premixes and combination products.

“Consumers increasingly recognize the link between immune health and gut health, as well as the importance of well-balanced microbiota to their overall health,” said Martin Dos Ramos, vice president, Human Nutrition & Care, Dietary Supplements, DSM. “BeniCaros is an attractive, science-based immune health ingredient that supports these top consumer health concerns. We see excellent potential for product innovation. This agreement further strengthens our end-to-end offerings across the entire product development cycle and supports our partnership with customers to shape and drive new markets.”



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