Kormotech presents products at US SuperZoo

Kormotech presents products at recent SuperZoo.

For 18 years Optimeal’s parent company, Kormotechhas maintained its reputation as a top cat and dog food manufacturer in over 33 countries. Kormotech has been proudly based in Ukraine since it opened its first dry food plant for cats and dogs in 2005. In 2014, it launched an all-Ukrainian initiative to help save animals impacted by the Russian invasion of Ukraine. By 2015, Kormotech began exporting its high-quality pet food to the European market and, less than two years later, was ranked among the top 30 pet feed producers in Europe. It continues to grow and expand its market despite the unprecedented challenges in its home country.

On August 23-25, the Kormotech team presented its products at the SuperZoo exhibition in Las Vegas. It is North America’s largest pet retail event, founded by the World Pet Association in 1950 as an annual gathering place for the entire industry to network, learn and do business. It draws about 10,000 visitors from North America and over 1,000 from other countries.

"This year's exhibition had a larger number of visitors, probably due to the recession of the pandemic. Most visitors noted that this is currently the largest SuperZoo exhibition in its history. It is especially nice to note that most attendees know and support Ukraine. The Optimeal brand attracts the audience. They noticed that pouches have interesting flavors and good edibility. The skin and digestive support line is another product that undoubtedly has its audience in the USA. Design and provenance are another strength of the brand. And of course, supporting immunity through our products is what our customers are most interested in," said Ihor Blystiv, marketing director.

"The Ukraine brand is super powerful. It has intensified thanks to all Ukrainians who invest in victory. The whole world perceives us as a country of free people. Kormotech has a strong reputation, that's why our brands are recognized and valued. We feel special support for our brand Optimeal in the US from distributor Phillips Pet Food & Supplies and the whole American pet food community stands with Ukraine,” said Rostyslav Vovk, CEO.

“Our company and Ukrainians have been overwhelmed by the support we receive worldwide. Rarely has the division between good and evil been starker. In these trying times, we thank you for your continued business and would like to remind you that every time you purchase Optimeal, you are supporting the economy and people of Ukraine. We are confident this situation will make us only stronger and in the words of the Ukrainian President: ‘Life will win over death, and light will win over darkness,’” said Yuliana Volk, director of new business development.

Kormotech prides itself on being a socially responsible company committed to helping those in need during the war. In addition to helping support the economy and people of Ukraine, Kormotech also continues to launch initiatives to make a difference on the ground. It has launched the “Save Pets of Ukraine” initiative in partnership with “Greater Good Charities” and partnered with the International Animal Welfare Fund, Phillips Pet Food, American Pet Product Association and more. Kormotech’s Lithuanian facilities have also fully supported Ukraine through their crowdfunding non-governmental organization U-Hearts.

Kormotech continues to seek partnerships that work to improve the lifes of people and pets alike in Ukraine during these trying times. Its determination to help those in need will persist as they stand alongside the Ukrainians, bravely defending their home from invasion. Kormotech vows to continue ensuring the safety of its employees while working tirelessly to boost the economy and protect animals from becoming collateral damage in the war. During these times, purchasing from socially responsible brands is more important than ever. Optimeal is a pet food brand you can feel good about spending your money on, knowing it is returning to relief efforts in Ukraine.


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