FEDIAF hoping for more with RED provisions

FEDIAF hoped for introduction of RED provisions to European parliament.

FEDIAF, the European Pet Food Association, announced its disappointment at the failure of the European Parliament to introduce provisions in the Renewable Energy Directive (RED), which prevents the use of category 3 animal by-product in biofuels.

The use of category 3 animal fat, a key ingredient in pet food, to facilitate the transport industry’s  reduction in carbon emissions is a misstep. In essence, this is taking food away from our pets and putting it into fuel tanks instead.

Rosa Carbonell, president of FEDIAF explains: “We are disappointed that European Parliament has prioritized biofuels over the health and welfare of our companion animals. As a result of this decision, the risk of shortages might heighten and the food crisis may soon reach our pets, too.”

Rosa adds: “FEDIAF firmly believes that food, not intended for human consumption, should be recycled by using it in pet food first, which sits well above energy use in the EU’s own hierarchy of most-preferable options for food waste disposal. Other types of animal fats, such as animal by-product category 1 and 2 animal fats, which do not fulfil the necessary standards to be used in pet food due to safety and contamination reasons, are much more suitable for use in biofuels.”

The EU’s pet food sector serves over 300 million companion animals in Europe each year and provides direct (and indirect) employment to more than 1 million European citizens.

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