Save Pets of Ukraine reports 160,000 rescued pets in six months

Save Pets of Ukraine aiding animals with food and medical care.

Pets in Ukraine have also become hostages of the full-scale Russian invasion, which has been ongoing for more than 200 days. During this time, Save Pets of Ukraine has been helping animals affected by the war.

During our 6 months of activity, we have helped 160,000 animals. We offer support across conflict lines, also in the regions where active hostilities are ongoing and even in the temporarily occupied territories. We have delivered more than 650 tons of food for dogs and cats. We have provided aid in the form of animal immunizations, veterinary medications, harnesses, cages, and much more. Vaccination of animals against rabies was arranged in the Kyiv region of Hostomel, which was under occupation, and also in Kharkiv and its suburbs, which were under active shelling. 

Save Pets of Ukraine was the first animal welfare group to help pets forced to leave their homes alongside their owners because of the war. At railway stations, we provided Good Packs to those who needed them. There are special backpacks that contain all the essential items needed for a four-legged friend to be evacuated safely. We distributed them in Lviv, Kyiv, Dnipro, Poltava, Kharkiv and Zaporizhzhia. 

In total, we received over 22,000 requests for help from pet owners, animal shelters and volunteers dedicated to caring for abandoned pets. 

Save Pets of Ukraine, an initiative founded by Kormotech, the leading pet food manufacturer in Ukraine, has been developing a global aid network that now allows for the quick rescue of more animals. All donations are gathered by the U-Hearts Foundation, a public non-profit organization created by Kormotech to protect and rescue domestic animals in Eastern Europe. For the Save Pets of Ukraine initiative, the foundation attracts money from donors and benefactors from different countries worldwide. We bring together pet food organisations, charitable funds and businesses from around the world (the USA, UK, Lithuania, etc.), all under the initiative’s patronage. This makes it possible for us to assist animals in Ukraine more effectively.

Through our joint efforts, we raised a total of UAH 45,900,000 in donations for our four-legged friends.

Additionally, in under six months of operation, the Save Pets of Ukraine project succeeded in building a strong network of volunteer coordination centers in every Ukrainian region, except for temporarily controlled territories.

“From the first day of its operation, the Save Pets of Ukraine initiative aimed to reach as many animals who became hostages of war as possible. We cannot do this on our own. Because of this, we partnered with public organisations that share our commitment to helping our four-legged friends. They are our regional representatives and provide humanitarian aid to those applying for support through our website. For example, in Odesa we cooperate with the organisation Animal SOS; in Irpin, which was under Russian occupation, we managed to establish cooperation with the local council. We have similar partners in every region, which allow us to help more effectively,” said Kateryna Kovaliuk, Kormotech’s head of PR & Communications and coordinator of Save Pets of Ukraine.

The Save Pets of Ukraine initiative also monitors changes in the needs of four-legged friends. After half a year of the war, it became clear that animals abandoned by their owners suffer the most; they are forced to live on the streets without access to food, shelter or medical attention. The shelters are overcrowded, especially in the frontline areas. Understanding these needs, the Save Pets of Ukraine initiative focused on supporting the shelters and animal volunteers who look after a large number of animals. 

“Now we are working in disaster mode, distributing food and medicines. However, we all have to do our best, so every animal has its own carer. The goal of the initiative is to help every animal to find a loving family,” Kateryna Kovaliuk emphasized.

Future plans for the Save Pets of Ukraine initiative include extensive, integrated work to reduce the the overall number of abandoned pets. We will continue to provide food and veterinary care to struggling shelters and animal volunteers. Alongside that, we are putting in place organized efforts to encourage the adoption of animals in Ukraine.




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