Purina Partners with DOGTV and Spot Pet Insurance

Purina partnering with DOGTV and Spot Pet Insurance.

The pet experts at Purina are partnering with DOGTV and Spot Pet Insurance to offer exclusive perks for U.S. dog and cat owners. Through exclusive offers for Purina fans, pet owners will have complementary access to a month of DOGTV programming for at-home enrichment content. Separately, eligible Purina subscribers can receive a special offer from Spot Pet Insurance to help pet parents manage eligible pet health costs. Details are available at https://www.purina.com/partners-and-services.

"By bringing together partners from across pet care, Purina aims to help pet owners provide the best possible care to their pets, from filling their food bowls with high-quality nutrition, to keeping them engaged at home with enriching entertainment and ensuring they have the veterinary care they need to thrive," said Nathan Marafioti, vice president of New Business Models at Purina.  

DOGTV is a unique streaming service aimed at improving the lives of dogs with highly accessible, fun programs scientifically developed for canine enrichment. The personalized content is designed to alleviate dog's stress and anxiety, comforting dogs when left alone or in anxious situations to increase confidence and decrease stress, separation anxiety or other similar problems dogs experience. DOGTV also offers dog parents tips from some of the world's top pet experts.

"We are 'pawsitively' pleased to be working alongside Purina to provide dogs parents in the U.S. with services, products and information to help them be the best pet owners possible," said Beke Lubeach, CEO of DOGTV. "From important information for dog owners to dog-focused programming intended to provide relaxation, stimulation, exposure and rest, DOGTV meets the needs of individual pets, while also providing pet parents with expert-led tips. Coupled with high-quality nutritional products from Purina, this is just the beginning of DOGTV and Purina's partnership to give dogs and their owners all they need to live happy, healthy lives."

Spot Pet Insurance is a rapidly growing, digital-first pet insurance provider offering pet insurance plans that help pet parents make better choices for their dogs' and cats' health. Spot provides cat insurance and dog insurance plan options that allow pet owners to personalize their coverage to best suit their needs.

"Pet insurance can help pet parents focus on care, not cost," explains Spot CEO Trey Ferro. "The pet insurance plan options that Spot offers help support our four-legged family member's health in ordinary and extraordinary times. We are excited to offer eligible Purina subscribers a strategic partner discount of up to 10% and a 10% multi-pet discount on all additional pets."

DOGTV and Spot Pet Insurance are the first of many Purina-approved partners that the company will work with to offer pet owners exclusive offers on pet care products, services and more. You can learn more about all current and future offers at https://www.purina.com/partners-and-services.


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