Symrise Pet Food partners with Sunner

Symrise partners with Sunner.

Symrise enters a joint venture with Sunner, one of the main integrated poultry processors in China. Sunner is involved in chicken breeding and farming, feed processing and meat processing businesses. The joint venture will supply the China pet food market with unique sustainable and high-quality egg solutions. 

With the acquisition of IsoNova in the USA (2019) and Schaffelaarbos in the Netherlands (2022), Symrise has established a leading position in the egg protein and ingredients business. Following the completion of the newly built Symrise Pet Food factory in China in 2021 and the recent acquisition of Wing Biotech in mid-2022, Symrise is now reinforcing further its pet food leadership in APAC through a strategic partnership on egg valorization with Sunner. This collaboration takes the form of a joint venture, in which Symrise holds the majority and the operational management. 

“With this new step, Symrise accelerates its pet food growth strategy in China. This move fully meets our values and our sustainable positioning in egg upcycling. Experts consider APAC the fastest growing region for pet food applications globally. I am certain that this long-term partnership will enable us to combine our expertise and jointly meet the expectations and demands of consumers. It paves the way for many future opportunities,” said Dr. Jean-Yves Parisot, president Taste, Nutrition & Health of Symrise AG.

This synergetic deal offers great opportunities for Sunner and Symrise. Both parties will collaborate in the manufacturing and marketing of high-quality and sustainable egg proteins. Symrise will contribute its know-how and route to market and Sunner will secure the highest quality source of eggs.

Fenfang FU, CEO of Sunner: “Symrise is a highly professional group, showing excellent results and with an international footprint with whom we are excited to engage in a joint adventure. We are confident about the benefits for our two entities, and also for our customers to whom we will deliver added value solutions with nutritional and healthy benefits.”

This promising joint venture will operate a new facility in China. The products of the joint venture will be sold under the Symrise Pet Food brand, Nutrios.


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