Sensient introduces natural pet food coloring

Sensient introduces new natural pet food color.

Sensient Colors, a division of Sensient Technologies, announces a major advancement in natural color for pet foods. For many years, pet food manufacturers have been frustrated by the lack of cost-effective natural green colors for AAFCO-Natural pet food products. Shades of green that cue wellness and naturalness are highly desirable in pet kibble and treat formulations. Green hues from natural color sources have historically posed particular challenges though. Due to the scarcity of pet-friendly, green botanical sources in nature, the current market offerings of natural green are either cost-prohibitive or controversial with regulatory guidelines. 

Sensient’s continued focus on natural color innovation for pet food manufacturers has finally led to a vibrant solution. Sensient’s new Vertafine delivers bright green shades at good, cost-in-use targets that will enable brands to deliver on growing consumer demand for natural colors from botanical sources in pet food. The Vertafine solution is ideal for high to harsh heat pet food applications like extrusion, baked and injection-mold products.

“Closing the gap between synthetic FD&C colors and those from natural sources is a key strategic priority at Sensient. We are committed to providing pet food manufacturers with solutions that allow them to complete their conversions to natural colors without having to compromise,” states Michael Geraghty, president of Sensient Colors. 


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