CULT Food Science begins early shipment of Noochies! samples

CULT Food Science starting early shipment of Noochies! pet food and treats.

CULT Food Science, a pioneer in the investment, development and commercialization of cellular agriculture technologies and products, is delighted to announce that it has begun shipping initial sample products of Noochies! pet foods and treats to early adopters across North America.

Samples are being shipped ahead of a general launch this summer. Both Noochies! dog food and treats are available for sampling to early adopters.

Noochies! Dinner, a freeze dried blend of the company's high-protein Bmmune Nutritional Yeast and functional plant-based ingredients, is a complete nutrition, minimally processed dog food. It can be served directly into a dog's bowl, used as a complete nutrition health boost topper or, with added water or broth, a wet food. It's the first commercially available food to have no kibble, soy legumes, GMOs or meat.

Noochies! Freeze Dried Dog Snacks are a high-protein, limited ingredient treat for dogs of all life stages. They contain ~44-52% protein per bite and have only one single ingredient, Bmmune Nutritional Yeast. Bmmune also provides bioactive ingredients shown to aid in digestion and protein absorption.

Noochies! pet products are produced through a combination of cell culturing and a novel freeze dry method in which foods are not processed by conventional methods such as extrusion, but are broken down into ingredients through the culturing process.

To secure Noochies! in advance, interested customers and retail distributors can take part in the ongoing pre-order campaign via the Noochies! website at:

"I am pleased to begin shipping samples out to excited customers and early adopters in advance of our general launch. This will be one of many releases coming this year." said Lejjy Gafour, CEO of CULT Food Science.

"I'm thrilled to start our sample program for Noochies!–sampling is the best way to earn our consumer's trust", said Joshua Errett, VP of Product at CULT Food Science. "And it's our first chance to share with pet parents what we already know, that our super savory Noochies treats are the most nutritious, sustainable snacks on the market."

Service Provider Engagement

The company has also engaged Outside the Box Capital, an arm's length party to the company, to perform digital marketing services for a two month period. The company has agreed to pay OTB USD$50,000 for the services. The compensation paid by the company for the services does not include securities or options to purchase securities of the company.


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