Dr. Cuddles introduces life-saving product for pets

The at-home treatment comes to the rescue for pets who have accidentally ingested a toxic substance.

Dr. Cuddles, a veterinary specialist-founded pet care company, is introducing ReadyRESCUE, a first of its kind, at-home treatment for pets who have ingested a toxic substance. With the dangers of accidental Halloween poisoning from eating candy, chocolate and raisins, ReadyRESCUE gives pet parents critical time to seek professional treatment. After ingestion, it begins working immediately, binding the toxins, preventing absorption by the body, providing pet owners with critical time to investigate the ingestion and determine next steps. ReadyRESCUE continues Dr. Cuddles’ mission to revolutionize at-home pet care by offering innovative products and educational resources that empower pet parents to tend to and prevent illnesses.

Comprised of activated carbon spheres, ReadyRESCUE is six times more effective by volume than traditional activated charcoal and is easy to administer without creating a mess. Once the toxin binds to the activated charcoal in ReadyRESCUE, it is unable to be absorbed into the animal’s bloodstream by the body. This carbon-toxin complex then travels through the gastrointestinal tract and is eventually eliminated in the feces. Because every minute counts, it’s important to promptly administer ReadyRESCUE, even if you’re not positive your pet ate something toxic. It will pass through the GI tract, causing no harm to the pet.

“In my twenty years as a practicing emergency and critical care clinician, I have seen myriad difficulties in attempted decontamination at home following inadvertent intoxications in pets. The ability to immediately administer ReadyRESCUE can be a life-saving bridge until the pets can be seen by a veterinarian,” said Dr. Benjamin Brainard, VMD, DACVAA, DACVECC, Small Animal Emergency and Critical Care Service, director of Clinical Research, College of Veterinary Medicine University of Georgia. “Given the unpredictable nature of pet poisonings, this product should be in every home with a pet, because having ReadyRESCUE at arm's reach ensures the best chance for recovery following intoxication.”

To administer ReadyRESCUE, pet parents first must determine the dosage based on their pet's weight and then mix the required amount with a small amount of water and pet food, or a palatable substitute such as peanut butter. Once the mixture is entirely consumed, pet owners should determine the amount of toxin ingested, the form of the toxin and immediately contact their veterinarian or a poison control group to determine next steps. Toxins include common household products and foods, such as chocolate, grapes, onions, raisins, human medications, recreational drugs and household chemicals.

“ReadyRESCUE delivers on Dr. Cuddles’ mission to provide solutions for the future of pet care. As the pet population increases and the vet industry continues to experience shortages, pet parents will need to be more proactive in their animal’s care,” said Dr. Mat Glassman, VMD, DACVS, founder of Dr. Cuddles. “ReadyRESCUE allows pet owners to immediately provide treatment for their dog or cat. In addition to potentially providing lifesaving intervention, it may also save pet owners by potentially eliminating the need for an unnecessary visit to the veterinarian or ER, or if a visit is needed, shorten their pet’s stay at the hospital.”

ReadyRESCUE™ is sold in packs of 3 vials (each treating 30lbs of pet) and retails for $149. For more information, visit the Dr. Cuddles Web site or follow Dr. Cuddles on Instagram and TikTok.


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