Vobra Special Petfoods announces price reduction

Action is due to a decline in raw material and energy costs.

Vobra Special Petfoods, a manufacturer of CaroCroc, SANIMED, Impress Your Dog and CASA-FERA dog and cat foods, among others, announces that it will reduce the prices of its products effective December 1, 2023. This price reduction is the direct result of the lower raw material and energy costs the company expects in the coming period.

In the past Vobra Special Petfoods faced rising raw material costs, leading to previous price increases. However, the company has committed to review and lower prices as costs decrease.

The decline in raw material and energy costs now enables Vobra Special Petfoods to fulfill this commitment and pass on the benefits directly to its customers. This price reduction reflects the company's ongoing commitment to fair and transparent business practices.

CEO Edwin Roelands stated: "At Vobra Special Petfoods we are always dedicated to provide value to our customers. We understand that past price increases posed a challenge, but we are happy to share good news now. Our customers have consistently valued our products, and we believe this price reduction will further enhance their satisfaction."

Customers have received the new price lists, effective December 1, 2023.

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