Kemin introduces new brand logo

Tagline symbolizes the company's blending of creativity and data.

Kemin Industries, the global ingredient manufacturer dedicated to sustainably transforming lives, introduces its new tagline: Compelled by Curiosity.

This tagline symbolizes Kemin's inherent curiosity, driving innovation, collaboration and exploration globally. Rooted in science, Kemin blends creativity and data to craft solutions addressing future needs. The shared spirit of curiosity unites Kemin's diverse workforce, evident in efforts to enhance life for people, pets, animals, plants and the planet.

Dr. Chris Nelson, president and CEO, Kemin, states, "Compelled by Curiosity perfectly captures Kemin's spirit—a diverse, curious workforce pushing us toward our vision of transforming lives worldwide. Our science contributes to everyday products, making life better. This tagline succinctly conveys our message to employees, customers, and communities."

Crafted to elevate Kemin's brand identity, the tagline reflects the company's history and future. Since 1961, curiosity has driven Kemin, from founders R.W. and Mary Nelson creating agricultural solutions to today's global impact. With over $1 billion in annual sales, Kemin applies molecular science to enhance health and safety globally.

"Our curiosity propels us to discover answers using science and innovation. We are Compelled by Curiosity to see beyond what is, envisioning what could be," says Nelson.

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