VMX 2024 reports record attendance

27,000 attendees from 82 countries participated.

The 41st annual Veterinary Meeting and Expo (VMX 2024), organized by NAVC, concluded on Jan. 17, marking a significant milestone for the $104 billion animal healthcare industry. With 27,000 attendees from 82 countries, including 8,700 first-time participants, the event left a local economic impact of $65.3 million.

Key Highlights:

  • Breakthroughs in AI and pet medications were spotlighted, transforming veterinary practices for enhanced efficiency and patient care
  • The "Show of Shows" theme featured a World's Fair-style event with a drone show, celebrity appearances and games
  • AI advancements, including rapid diagnostic assessments and improved veterinary radiology, were showcased, ushering in a new era of precision in animal healthcare
  • Notable breakthroughs in feline diabetes treatments and pain management for cats and dogs were unveiled
  • Sustainability measures were integrated, featuring waste sorting stations and a sustainability pledge tree in the Expo Hall
  • The blendVET event hosted 80 middle school students, offering immersive learning experiences alongside veterinary experts
  • NAVC Annual Awards Night honored Pet Peace of Mind, a non-profit supporting pets in hospice care

VMX 2024 provided a platform for over 27,000 veterinary professionals to witness groundbreaking innovations, reinforcing NAVC's commitment to advancing global veterinary education and industry standards.

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