Mars sponsors study

Research exposes the widespread issue of pet homelessness.

A new global study, 'The State of Pet Homelessness Project,' conducted by a coalition of animal welfare experts in collaboration with Mars, exposes the widespread issue of pet homelessness. The research estimates a staggering 362 million homeless cats and dogs across 20 countries.

Key Findings:

  • Nearly 35% of cats and dogs are either on the streets or in shelters
  • 143 million dogs and 203 million cats are living on the streets, with an additional 12 million dogs and 4 million cats in shelters
  • Pet-friendly housing limitations contribute to pet surrenders, affecting 1 in 5 individuals
  • Globally, around 15% of pet owners are considering giving up their pets in the next 12 months due to various challenges
  • A significant portion of lost pets remains un-reunited, emphasizing the need for interventions
  • Only ~50% of owned dogs and ~60% of cats are sterilized globally, contributing to unplanned litters

Action Plan:

  • The project aims to drive informed and targeted action to reduce pet homelessness globally
  • Mars commits to supporting 30 million vulnerable pets over the next five years
  • A $500,000 donation by Mars to Humane Society International will fund projects in India, South Africa and Mexico based on the study's insights
  • Collaboration with leading animal welfare organizations, including Humane Society International and Alliance for Contraception in Cats & Dogs

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