Hong Kong Pet Show 2024 shows pet economy flourishing

The event hosted 200 exhibitors and targeted the greater Bay Area market.

The Hong Kong Pet Show 2024 organized by Exhibition Group, opened at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. With a record-breaking 200 exhibitors and 650 booths, the event showcased global pet brands and products. Driven by the booming pet economy, the show targeted the Greater Bay Area market.

The opening ceremony featured key figures from the agriculture, customs and business sectors. According to Carl Wong, chairman of exhibition group, the pet economy is flourishing, driven by a younger demographic, high education levels and high-income groups. Hong Kong has embraced a pet-friendly environment, making it a major international pet events capital.

The show included renowned pet competitions, such as "CKUHK Dog Show 2024," "CFA International Cat Show 2024," and the inaugural "IBC International Betta Show 2024," attracting global participation. A new addition, "Pet Love Art World," showcases 37 pet-related artworks by 17 artists, promoting pet protection and care awareness.

The event supports the "Love for Animals, Respect for Life" mantra, hosting charity events, including the "Charity Turtle Crawl" and "African Reptile Exhibition." Additionally, it features the "Favorite Pet Brand Awards 2023" and allows attendees to bring their pets for a unique shopping and activity experience.

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