Cooper Farms now offering sustainable protein

The ingredients are sourced from turkeys raised by family farmers.

Cooper Farms, a family-owned and vertically integrated farm based in St. Henry, Ohio, is now offering human-grade turkey ingredients for the pet food market. Sourced from turkeys raised by family farmers, these ingredients meet the demand for sustainable protein in pet foods. The venture began five years ago when a major pet food manufacturer approached Cooper Farms seeking specialized giblet blend ingredients, including natural proportions of livers, hearts and gizzards. In response, Cooper Farms' engineering team quickly designed equipment to meet these specifications.

The product range includes Mechanically Separated Turkey (MST), giblets (hearts and livers), thigh trim, boneless, skinless wing meat, turkey skin, neck meat, breast meat and tendon straps. Products are typically shipped fresh in 2,000 lb. combos, but frozen options are available when necessary. Cooper Farms invites customers to tour its plant to witness the ingredient production process, fostering open collaboration and inspiring new product concepts.

For inquiries or to schedule a tour, contact Lynn DeArmond, new business development manager, at [email protected] or 419-203-1246. Cooper Farms, represented by DeArmond and the R&D team, will be present at industry shows, including the Petfood Forum in Kansas City (April 29 - May 1) and SuperZoo in Las Vegas in August.

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