Ship & Shore shows commitment to sustainability

The company provides clean air solutions to the food industry.

Ship & Shore Environmental takes the lead in providing clean air solutions to the evolving food industry dynamics in 2024. Amidst challenges and transitions, S&SE reinforces its commitment to sustainability and compliance for food manufacturers and packagers.

Key Points:

  1. Local Efforts and Recent Project:

    • S&SE installs a 10,000 SCFM Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer (RTO) in California, demonstrating local commitment to clean air
  2. Innovative Solutions: Coconut Husk and Two-Stage Filter System:

    • S&SE introduces coconut husk as an effective oil filter, emphasizing sustainability
    • Two-stage filter system optimizes air purification for food equipment, enhancing environmental sustainability
  3. Sustainability Focus:

    • S&SE recognizes the industry shift towards eco-friendly practices and stands as an innovator offering solutions contributing to climate change mitigation
  4. Pollution Abatement Expertise:

    • Specializing in Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers (RTOs), S&SE addresses pollution control challenges in various food manufacturing processes
  5. Imperative of Pollution Control:

    • S&SE highlights the environmental impact of baking, frying, meat processing and food packaging, emphasizing the necessity of pollution control measures
  6. Driving Sustainability and Compliance:

    • S&SE remains committed to sustainability and compliance in the face of evolving regulations, offering tailored solutions and innovative technologies
  7. Elevating Accountability and Consumer Trust:

    • S&SE goes beyond compliance, building accountability and consumer trust by providing solutions aligned with sustainable practices
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