PSC plans to make appearance at Global Pet Expo

New accredited members will be showcased.

The Pet Sustainability Coalition (PSC) is set to host the industry's inaugural Sustainability Section at Global Pet Expo, a major U.S. trade show presented by APPA and PIDA. In collaboration with APPA, the section will showcase eight accredited members in a dedicated aisle, starting at the PSC Booth #541.

Jim Lamancusa, PSC executive director, applauds APPA's commitment to sustainability, citing data that indicates 80% of pet owners prioritize sustainability in purchases. The section aims to spotlight top-performing accredited members and draw attention to the rapidly growing sustainable pet product sector, outpacing conventional products by 7.1x.

Co-created with APPA, the section is sponsored by industry sustainability leaders: Healthy Pet, inClover, MFiber, Morris Packaging and West Paw. Exhibiting companies, meeting PSC's top performer standards, include Austin and Kat, BetterBone, Bright Planet, Brutus Broth, dsm-fermenich, InClover, Mondi Jackson and Tuesday’s Natural Dog Company.

Jeremy Baker, APPA chief growth officer, emphasizes APPA's commitment to the sustainability movement, stating that the pilot section provides insight into PSC's high-performing members.

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