Fera Pets attends Global Pet Expo

Company showcased four new products during last month's show.

Fera Pets showcased its latest innovations during last month's Global Pet Expo. The brand, now under General Mills' ownership, introduced four new products designed to enhance pet health: Whole Food Multivitamin, Postbiotics Plus, Collagen Plus and PawBiome Pet Balm. These offerings, crafted with a blend of Eastern and Western ingredients, aim to promote holistic pet wellness.

  • Collagen Plus supports healthy joints, skin, gut, bones and muscles
  • Postbiotics Plus enhances gut health, boosts immunity, aids digestion and supports a healthy inflammatory response
  • Whole Food Multivitamin provides essential nutrients from fruits, veggies and organ meats to complement any pet diet
  • PawBiome Pet Balm moisturizes paws, noses, elbows and skin, while promoting healthy skin microbiomes and barrier function with organic oils and probiotics

Dr. Michelle Dulake, veterinarian and cofounder of Fera Pets, expressed excitement about the brand's progress, including sustainability efforts and acquisition by General Mills. She invites attendees to discover Fera Pets' new releases and future plans at booth #646.

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