Cave Pets introduces new supplements

The products are the first and only ROC supplements in the industry.

Cave Pets, a pioneering pet nutrition brand committed to enhancing pet health and environmental sustainability, proudly unveils its premium line of supplements designed to optimize canine wellness. These supplements mark a significant milestone as the first and only Regenerative Organic Certified products in the pet nutrition industry. Leveraging over 4,000 acres of vertically integrated, ROC farmland in Tennessee and Missouri, Cave Pets revolutionizes pet nutrition while championing environmental regeneration.

"Transparency and accountability are paramount in pet nutrition," stated Cave Pets Co-founder Jason Dewberry, an esteemed figure in the natural products industry. "Our Regenerative Organic Certified status underscores our dedication to evolving pet nutrition and mitigating environmental impact. It sets a global standard for soil health, animal welfare, and social equity."

Elizabeth Whitlow, communications director of regenerative organic alliance, praised Cave Pets' commitment to certification, citing it as a benchmark for the pet nutrition sector. "Cave Pets sets a new bar for brands in pet nutrition, exemplifying a vision of regenerative farming that fosters holistic wellness and environmental stewardship," said Whitlow.

Drawing inspiration from ancestral diets and modern nutritional science, Cave Pets introduces a range of supplements infused with potent superfoods tailored to pets' needs. The product lineup includes Chomps + Treats, Blend Powders, and Mushroom Powders, fortified with clinically proven nutrients to support pets' vitality across all life stages. Featuring innovative ingredients like Turkey Tail, Lion’s Mane, Reishi mushrooms, probiotics, turmeric and beets, these supplements promote immune health, gut microbiome balance and joint mobility.

Available for purchase on and Amazon, as well as select specialty retailers and natural grocers, the supplements cater to diverse pet preferences and dietary requirements. Some highlights from the range include:

  • Super Chomp Treats Liver + Beet
  • Super Blend Powder Multi Glandular + Turmeric
  • Mushroom Powder Lion’s Mane + Probiotics

"We're thrilled to introduce these groundbreaking supplements to pet parents seeking superior nutrition for their beloved companions," remarked Dewberry. "With our convenient mix-in powders and delectable treats, Cave Pets empowers pet owners to bridge nutritional gaps and nurture pets towards optimal health."

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