Layn Natural Ingredients conducts study

Research focused on the efficacy of TruGro AOX+ as a natural preservation solution.

Layn Natural Ingredients, a global leader in innovation and manufacturing of natural botanical extract ingredients and solutions, conducted a study to evaluate the efficacy of TruGro AOX+ as a natural preservation solution to enable shelf-life extension for pet food.

Juan Javierre, senior nutrition scientist at Layn Natural Ingredients, stated, "The tests were done following the Oxidative Stability Index, or OSI, method using a Rancimat device. As substrates, we tested oils and fats common in pet food diets, such as fish and chicken oil, assayed at the temperatures most adequate for these substrates. We found a highly protective effect on fat stability, and compounding the data to ambient temperature, TruGro AOX+ demonstrates excellent potential to extend the shelf life of pet food products up to a full year."

Polyphenols play an important role as technological antioxidants. Trugro AOX+ combines several polyphenol-rich extracts in potent concentrations to help preserve pet foods naturally. Among its active ingredients, TruGro AOX+ contains rosemary extract, which is rich in diterpenes, and tea extract which contains high levels of catechins. In addition to these primary antioxidants, the solution also includes pomegranate extract to provide metal ion chelation.

These potent antioxidants help to prevent iron and copper from initiating the oxidative degradation of fats and vitamins. The combination and concentration of these plant-based compounds enable TruGro AOX+ to provide long-term protection against the oxidative rancidity of pet foods, thereby naturally extending shelf life.

TruGro AOX+ is an AAFCO-approved ingredient that meets the highest standards of safety and efficacy. The company will be showcasing TruGro AOX+ at PetFood Forum in Kansas City, MO, from April 29th to May 1st, 2024, in booth #1738. For more information on TruGro AOX+, visit

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