Danielle Conway and The Pet Food Institute support PURR Act

Law would advocate for a safer and more reliable pet food supply.

As a board-eligible veterinary nutritionist, I advocate for optimal nutrition for pets, which is vital for their well-being. However, I've observed a concerning amount of misinformation regarding pet nutrition on social media. I strive to provide accurate information to pet owners, emphasizing the importance of safe, nutritious and balanced pet food.

The current process for ingredient approval in pet food is outdated and cumbersome, leading to significant delays in incorporating safe, innovative ingredients into pet diets. Additionally, the existing regulatory framework fails to ensure consistent availability of pet food for consumers.

That's why I endorse the Pet Food Uniform Regulatory Reform (PURR) Act (H.R. 7380). Despite misinformation claiming it compromises food safety, the PURR Act prioritizes pet food safety by aligning it with regulatory standards for human food. Under the act, the FDA will continue overseeing food safety, ensuring consistency across states.

Currently, pet food regulation varies between federal and state levels, creating unnecessary complexities and inconsistencies. The PURR Act streamlines this process, promoting efficiency and consistency without compromising safety.

By supporting the PURR Act, we advocate for a safer and more reliable pet food supply while fostering a regulatory environment that evolves alongside scientific advancements. I urge you to voice your support for the PURR Act to your Members of Congress—it's a step towards a healthier future for our pets.

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