Petfood Forum 2020 goes virtual as Petfood Forum CONNECT

Petfood Forum 2020, transitioned to an online event due to COVID-19, will offer expert insights on the pet food market, nutrition and safety post-pandemic.


Petfood Forum 2020 is transitioning to an online event for this year, called Petfood Forum CONNECT, scheduled to take place in September 2020. The move to a virtual experience is happening in consideration of the safety and well-being of all participants in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, organizers said.

Petfood Forum CONNECT will be live online on five days – September 9, 10, 15, 16 and 17 – for a few hours each of those days. Most of the elements, including expert speaker video sessions, student and industry research posters and Pet Food Tech Talks from leading industry suppliers, will also be available on demand to registrants for a set period after the live dates.

This online event will also include the opportunity to meet virtually or chat via text with speakers, exhibitors and sponsors.

Information and insights from pet food experts

Many of the session topics and speakers originally scheduled for Petfood Forum 2020 in Kansas City MIssouri, USA, will be part of the Petfood Forum CONNECT virtual experience. Those include a keynote on “Hackonomy,” or hacking your business or brand to take it to the next level, by Bonin Bough, consumer goods products brand expert and former executive with large human food companies such as PepsiCo and Mondelez.

In addition, general sessions will cover emerging trends and an update of the pet food market, plus how and why pet owners are changing their pet food purchasing choices. Other sessions will provide new research or information on key areas such as clean label marketing trends, sustainable pet food proteins, insect protein and e-commerce technologies.

Expert insights on pet food safety post-COVID-19, as well as the state of market and industry in the “new normal,” will be featured in sessions or panel discussions. The program will also include roundtable sessions on CBD and research into the pet microbiome. Students in pet food-related academic programs, as well as leading industry researchers, will share their latest studies and results as e-posters.

‘Meet’ with top pet food industry suppliers

The Petfood Forum CONNECT experience will allow participants to interact online with leading pet food industry suppliers who are event sponsors or will host virtual showrooms. In addition, Pet Food Tech talks will feature video presentations from top suppliers.


More information on Petfood Forum CONNECT: Schedule and session agenda


Petfood Essentials online training course

Petfood Essentials 2020 will also transition online into a digital short course launching in October 2020. Six modules covering key elements of the dry pet food production process will be available on demand, with a certificate offered to participants completing all six modules. The course will cover fundamental learnings and insights on ingredient selection and sourcing, batching/mixing/grinding/milling, preconditioning/extrusion, coating/cooling/drying, packaging and quality/safety/testing. More information will be available soon.

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