8 Petfood Industry blogs for December 2016

Packaging trends, the Mexican pet food market and psyllium seed husks were among the topics covered by Petfood Industry’s bloggers and columnists.

photo by Andrea Gantz
photo by Andrea Gantz

From Petfood Industry:

Bloggers and columnists for Petfood Industry recently shared insights on packaging trends, the Mexican pet food market and psyllium seed husks.

3 human food trends for pet food to monitor in 2017

Key dog and cat food trends are among the top 10 trends for human food in 2017, including clean product labels, plant-based ingredients and seeds.

As pet food spending consumers, baby boomers still rule

As the largest group of pet owners in the US now, millennials spend healthily on pet food, hitting US$3.64 billion in 2015. It makes perfect sense for pet food brands to court these up-and-coming consumers. Yet it's also wise not to forget that baby boomer pet parents are still driving the highest pet food spending - to the tune of US$15.57 billion in 2015.

Psyllium seed husks: fiber source for dog and cat diets?

Psyllium seed husks are found on the label of several pet foods, but little is said by way of marketing claims about what this ingredient is and why it might be beneficial to dogs or cats. Psyllium seed husks are the ingredient most commonly associated with Metamucil, the laxative and stool softener used medicinally to aid gastrointestinal regularity.

What to expect from AAFCO's mid-year meeting

Learn what pet food makers will be discussing at AAFCO's 2017 mid-year meeting and how the industry is progressing on several key regulation initiatives.

Highlighting dry pet food's key role in Mexican market

Dry pet food dominates in Mexico with an 88 percent share, according to Ivan Franco, founder of market intelligence company TripleThree International. The category's importance to the market means focusing on the best ingredients and processes for making dry pet food, particular the premium products becoming more popular in Mexico.

Hispanic pet owners increasing, market taking note

Learn how quickly Hispanic pet owners are increasing, where they are most likely to shop and how they are directly impacting the pet product market.

Pet food round-up: ingredients in the news

All of the trends and factors driving the ongoing growth of pet food - humanization, premiumization, new product development, to name a few - have at least one common element: ingredients. For example, novel ingredients often lead to concepts for new pet food products, and the continuing premiumization of pet food has higher-quality ingredients as its foundation.

5 packaging trends that appeal to pet food buyers

Tis the season for lists and musings on various trends for the coming year, and pet food is not immune. (Guilty as charged.) For a slightly different twist, Mintel recently released a report on global packaging trends for 2017, and the five listed include elements that would seem to naturally attract pet food purchasers, too.

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