Revenues for 8 top Japanese pet food companies in 2022

To meet Japanese pet owners’ demands for premium dog, cat and other pet foods numerous companies operate in the land of the rising sun.

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Humanization has influenced the Japanese pet food market for years, as an aging population and declining birth rate accentuated the fur baby phenomenon. To meet Japanese pet owners’ demands for premium dog, cat and other pet foods numerous companies operate in the land of the rising sun. The following Japan-based pet food companies appear in Petfood Industry’s Top Companies database.

Unicharm Corp.

Annual Revenue


Unicharm's pet care subsidiary has long dominated the Japanese market. The global firm continues to extend its reach in Asia, the U.S. and emerging markets, since taking majority stake in Hartz in 2011. Unicharm's pet care line specializes in products such as pet foods, excrement cleanup sheets, system toilets and disposable diapers. Domestically, Unicharm has developed new food recipes and products targeted toward aging pets. In the North American market, the company is preparing to deploy new cat litter and dog snack products. Online sales also have grown significantly in recent years, as have sales to pet specialty stores. The parent company Unicharm encompasses additional lines of household and personal care products with a global reach.

Inaba Petfood

Annual Revenue


Inaba Petfood has a manufacturing plant in Japan and operates a subsidiary company, Qingdao Food, with its own factory in China. Inabla's foods and treates are sold widely in the United States by Inaba Foods (USA).

Petline Ltd.

Annual Revenue


Petline is owned by Nosan, which is wholly owned by Mitsubishi Corp. Petline says it was the first company to produce dry cat food in Japan, starting in 1972. Petline products cover standard pet food to veterinary diets for both cats and dogs.

MG Group

Annual Revenue


MG Group, formerly Marukan Group, owns two large pet food divisions, Marukan and Sunrise. Marukan manufactures a large collection of supplies for a full range of pets, including a line of dog and cat treats and food for small mammals.

DoggyMan H.A. Co., Ltd.

Annual Revenue


DoggyMan is a Japanese manufacturer of pet food and supplies. DoggyMan owns DoggyFoods, which specializes in production of human-grade dog food at two manufacturing facilities in Japan. The company has several regional offices in Japan and subsidiary companies in Japan, China, Vietnam, South Korea and Bangladesh. DoggyMan Pet Food (Qingdao) Co., Ltd. in China manufactures treats and biscuits in a facility that meets international standards including BRC, ISO and GMP.

Maruha Nichiro Corporation

Annual Revenue


Maruha Nichiro Corporation is a Tokyo-based enterprise with about 160 subsidiaries and affiliates in the marine products, food processing, chemical foods, overseas joint ventures, fish breeding and livestock feedstuffs arenas. The company's pet food operations, which are a relatively small part of Maruha's business, are handled through its processed foods business unit, including subsidiaries Aixia Corp. and Kingfisher.

Nippon Pet Food Co.

Annual Revenue


Nippon Pet Food is a privately owned, Tokyo-based pet food maker, currently concentrating on the Japanese, Asian and Southeast Asian markets. Nippon's original product for fish remains a staple of the business, even as the company has branched into food products for dogs, cats, birds and small animals.

Nosan Corporation

In its Pet Food Business under the Petline brand, we provide pet food and sanitary products for dogs and cats. We provide quality pet food and support people enjoy close relationships with their pets.

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