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FDA warns of peanut-based treats

Following PetSmart's  recall  of peanut-based treats, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued a warning against some petfood on January 25, fearing Salmonella contamination, according to an  article on .  

More brands and major pet product stores are now likely to follow the lead of PetSmart, which  preemptively recalled  seven Grreat Choice dog biscuit products January 20.

Pet owners are cautioned by the  FDA  to be weary of purchasing peanut butter or peanut paste-based pet products from Avanza Supermarket, Econofoods, Family Fresh Market, Family Thrift Center, Food Bonanza, SunMart Foods, Shoppers Valu, Prairie Market, Wholesale Food Outlet and Ohio-based locations of Pick'n Save, according to the article. 

So far, no animal deaths have been linked to this recent outbreak. At least 495 humans, however, have reportedly contracted Salmonella within the past few weeks.

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