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Homemade petfood's shortcomings

In the US, prompted by a number of petfood recalls and a greater awareness about animal nutrition, reams of pet nutritionists have sprung up, together with cat and dog cookbooks, according to an  article by The London Times .

"It is possible to feed pets homemade diets, but there are numerous potential problems that can arise if the diet is not correctly balanced," said Anne Tebb, a veterinarian at Bristol University.

In a study of homemade food for dogs, certain nutrients were below recommendations, she said in the Times  article, adding that ready-prepared, shop-bought food contains the correct amount of nutrients to keep your pet fit.

For those hoping to save some money, according to the article, homemade food can actually be more expensive than prepackaged food because so many ingredients are required.

However, if you are considering preparing food at home, Tebb recommended consulting your vet to ensure that the diet is balanced.

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