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Zeus and Co. hosts second annual open house

Zeus and Co. recently hosted its second annual open house in Arlington Heights, Illinois, USA. The petfood and product distribution company owner, David Levy, holds the event to bring together vendors for a customer appreciation day, which more than 300 people attended this year.

“We haven’t had to do things like this but I will save money on gasoline, man hours and I hope to strengthen relationships between the vendors and independent pet boutique owners,” said Levy. “This is Zeus’ stimulus package and one that works.”

The event featured more than 40 vendors, including Champion PetFoods, K9 Natural Food New Zealand, Organic Pet Super Food, Tuscan Natural, Tick Key Products LLC, Pet Kelp, Katie’s Bumpers, Overby Farm, Earth Bath, Fizzion, Zukes, Northern Biscuit and Cat Dancer.

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