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Healthy human food, diet choices translate to pets

A recent article from LiveScience detailed the transformation of a Fort Worth, Texas, resident, Maribeth Ashley, and her two dogs as they journey to a healthier lifestyle, and it explored how some petfood companies are tapping into this trend.

Nulo, under the direction of founder and CEO Michael Landa, not only offers food, but weight-tracking and meal-planning tools and home delivery, similar to myriad human weight-loss plans on the market today.

Companies are also selling exercise equipment for dogs, including treadmills and wheels (like a larger version of a hamster wheel), according to the story. The amount of food owners feed their companion animals can be another contributor to pet obesity, as well as nutritional content of food.

"We've switched from feeding a high-protein diet 40, 50, 60 years ago to basically a high-carbohydrate diet," said Ernie Ward, a veterinarian from North Carolina.

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