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Dog owners may be putting pets at risk for diabetes

Many dog owners may be putting their pets at risk for diabetes by feeding them foods other than petfood, according to an article by San Antonio, Texas, USA news station KENS5.

“You would not believe what people feed their dogs,” said Dr. Ronald Walton of South Texas Veterinary Specialists. “My clients profess to giving their pets burgers, doughnuts, pizza, candy, even alcohol.”

Although any dog can develop diabetes at any age, Walton said the disease is breed-specific and mostly genetic. Female dogs, as well as Golden Retrievers, Keeshonds, German Shepherds, Poodles, miniature breeds, Schnauzer breeds, Terrier breeds and Basset Hounds are all predisposed to developing diabetes. Warning signs of diabetes in dogs include weight loss, frequent or uncontrollable urination and an increase in appetite and thirst.

Owners of diabetic dogs must test their dog’s blood sugar level twice daily, and if the levels are too high, they must wait and re-test until the level is right for an insulin shot. Dr. Walton said the number one cause for pet euthanasia is diabetes because treatment is such a commitment.

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