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Pet Food Industry Association of South Africa vows to eliminate petfood fraud

The Pet Food Industry Association of Southern Africa (PFI) has vowed to eliminate petfood fraud in 2011 and protect South African pet owners from "rogue petfood manufacturers."

PFI "will put all its forces and energy behind cleaning up any illegal practices in the petfood industry that harm the image of the industry and may possibly place pets at risk," according to an association statement. Consumers can do their part by only buying commercial petfood that has a "V" number followed by "Act 36 of 1947" on its packaging. This indicates that the food has been registered by its manufacturer or distributor. “It is absolutely critical for pet owners to ensure that the food they purchase is registered with the department, as this is the only way to ensure that the minimum nutritional standards are met and that the food has been examined to ensure this, and, further, that your pet is getting the best possible and safe food for them,” said PFI Executive Director Barry Hundley.

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