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Kansas State University opens animal health center

Kansas State University officially opened the Center for Animal Health Innovation at its Olathe, Kansas, USA, campus.

The program started with a US$1 million seed grant from the Kansas Bioscience Authority. The Center for Animal Health Innovation was designed to become a link between animal health companies looking for new technology to develop new products and university researchers or entrepreneurs creating that new technology.

“We’re still formulating our strategic plan and understanding the core categories that we want to go after and then begin to really look for opportunities and technologies,” said Paula Stack, the Center’s interim chief executive officer.

The Center's board, which includes representatives from regional animal health organizations and companies, will select a permanent CEO during the summer as well as develop plans to attract additional investment and set the Center’s operational goals.

“We’re really at the beginning of the process,” Stack said. “Our ultimate goal is to bring economic growth to the animal health industry and the specific impact on Kansas.”

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