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Steven Spitz to present petfood purchasing seminar at Pet Advisory Conference

Steven Spitz, CEO of Big Apple Pet Supply, will present a petfood purchasing seminar and conduct a 90-minute workshop at The Pet Advisory’s 1st Annual Pet Food and Supplements Conference, October 24-25, in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, aimed at pet retailers.

The seminar, “Who Influences What Pet Food is Purchased and How Do You Reach Them?” will be co-presented by Susan Blake Davis, certified clinical nutritionist and host of "Ask Ariel Your Pet Nutritionist." Topics include the five most powerful criteria that customers use to make a petfood purchase; how critical terms such as "healthy" and "natural" are defined by consumers; which ingredients determine whether a petfood is ranked among the best or worst; trends in petfood diets and supplements; and the "new consumer." Spitz and Blake Davis will also host a question and answer session called “Ask the Retailers & VetExperts: What do Consumers Really Want?”

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