Pet Food News
on September 1, 2011

Steven Spitz to present petfood purchasing seminar at Pet Advisory Conference

Big Apple Pet Supply CEO will address petfood trends, consumer purchasing factors

Steven Spitz, CEO of Big Apple Pet Supply, will present a petfood purchasing seminar and conduct a 90-minute workshop at The Pet Advisory’s 1st Annual Pet Food and Supplements Conference, October 24-25, in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, aimed at pet retailers.

The seminar, “Who Influences What Pet Food is Purchased and How Do You Reach Them?” will be co-presented by Susan Blake Davis, certified clinical nutritionist and host of "Ask Ariel Your Pet Nutritionist." Topics include the five most powerful criteria that customers use to make a petfood purchase; how critical terms such as "healthy" and "natural" are defined by consumers; which ingredients determine whether a petfood is ranked among the best or worst; trends in petfood diets and supplements; and the "new consumer." Spitz and Blake Davis will also host a question and answer session called “Ask the Retailers & VetExperts: What do Consumers Really Want?”

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