Blackwood Pet Food recently worked with consultancy Ideas that Kick to update its petfood packaging so that it would be easier to for dog owners to find the right food for their dog.

The new dog food packaging is aimed at the dog "mom," with key product information, like protein, fat and fiber content, as well as the recipe and cooking process on the front of the package.

“We leveraged insights into the primary pet caregiver in the home, the ‘dog mom.’ She wants to be more informed about what she’s feeding her dog, so our designs place key nutritional information on the front of the bag in an easy-to-understand format," says Kick account director, Scott Behmer. "Now she can be smarter and feel better about her purchase decision. Plus, our ‘smart bag’ design is a key point of differentiation for the Blackwood brand.” 

In addition, the new packaging has led to a partnership between Blackwood and PetEdge, a distributor of pet-related products, to increase Blackwood's presence in specialty retail stores through out the United States.