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NASC Adverse-Event Reporting System minimizes pet, human contamination risks

The US Food and Drug Administration issued a recall on October 6 for Salmonella contamination in Thumb Oilseed’s soy flour, which is used to manufacture certain animal foods. But, the National Animal Supplement Council's ability to scan thousands of products and ingredients in its NASC Adverse-Event Reporting System allowed NASC to identify 27 products containing soy flour and notify the eight companies selling these products with specific instructions on how to check the ingredient with raw material suppliers.

“Entering products and ingredients into NAERS is required for all NASC members,” said Bill Bookout, president of NASC. “All member products are entered into the system so both products and ingredients can be specifically tracked to individual companies. If there is an issue, we can help specifically identify potential problems directly to the individual product SKUs.”

NASC says responses were received from all eight companies with updates and next steps within the same day, helping to minimize the risk to humans and animals.

“It’s a huge accomplishment for the animal health supplement industry, but it’s also one of our most important achievements,” Bookout said. “At NASC we believe we should embrace a philosophy of continuous improvement and we constantly strive to improve the quality of animal health supplements sold to consumers for the benefit of their companion animals.”

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